Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I am sick

I am sick. I haven't been feeling well for a couple of weeks now. I am scared, I can feel that this is something serious.

I actually went to a walk-in doctor already last July 24 for my stomach pain but I was told that I need a family doctor who could request tests for me. He just prescribed antibiotics because I suspected that I had UTI. They didn't even test me for it.

Since then, the state of my stomach has fluctuated. There were days that the pain is manageable, and there were times that I just wanted to die. I was actually hoping to get a Filipino family doctor so I was indecisive to go to the clinic near our place that accepts patients. But because I couldn't take the pain anymore last weekend, I promised myself I'll have myself checked. The hell with my fears, I have to get better.

August 14, 2017 (Monday). Bringing Nathan with me,  went to see the doctor after lunch. I was lucky he had no scheduled appointment that time so he was able to see me immediately.

He asked several questions and briefly examined my side stomach. He then handed me several papers and instructed me to have some blood works and ultrasound done. He also gave me a prescription for acid and gas pain.

I asked the receptionist on where the nearest laboratory is. Hay, I feel like starting all over again. I am already familiar with medical procedures in Edmonton, eto panibago na naman dito sa BC.

There's a lab at the back of Sheraton Hotel daw so I googled it if it's walkable. I wanted to finish my blood works as soon as possible. It was only a 13-minute walk (1.3km) daw so off we went.

It was sunny (but thankfully not that hot). While walking (and pushing the stroller), a lot of mixed thoughts have run in my mind.

Mamamatay na ba ako? Kawawa naman ang anak ko, ang liit pa niya.

Paano pag ooperahan ako? Paano na kami? Sino na mag-aalaga kay Nathan? Kelangan ko sigurong umuwi sa Pinas pag ganun.

Kawawa naman ako, naglalakad ako. Eh me sasakyan at nakakadrive ako sa Pinas. Hindi ako maglalakad sa initan doon.

Ano nga ba ginagawa ko dito sa Canada? Ba't nga ba ako napunta dito?

Sayang, sana nasa Edmonton na lang kami. Marami akong kaibigan doon na dadamay sa akin. 

Tsk, tutusukin na naman ako. Ang sakit nun. Di talaga ako masasanay sa tusok tusok na yan.

Sana Pinoy na lang ang doktor ko para mas ma-explain ko sa kanya ang dinaramdam ko.

Tiyak mahaba ang wait time sa ultrasound. Tsk, kung nasa Pinas ako tapos na agad ito at alam ko na agad ang results kasi nga Radiologist mismo ang pinsan ko. Siya na ang magu-ultrasound sa akin.

"Libre" nga ang health care dito sa Canada kaso pahirapan naman. Paras mas ok pa rin magkasakit sa Pilipinas kapag me pera ka.

Gusto kong umuwi sa Pilipinas. Gusto kong makasama ang Nanay ko.

I received a call from the doctor's office this morning. They now have my lab tests results and the doctors want to see me. I am going there in an hour.

I am so nervous. It's good that my good friends in Edmonton (Mylene and Joy) are cheering me up.

My ultrasound schedule is on September 9 pa. Ang tagal pa. :(

Friday, August 11, 2017

Better late than never

August 1, 2017. Ford handed me this postcard the moment he stepped in our apartment. I got confused. I was actually expecting a postcard from my BFF Raxie but not that soon (I just sent her my address the previous night).

When I looked into the postcard, it was indeed from Raxie (who else?). But the card's not from Japan (where she was that time) but from Chiang Mai, Thailand.


I already thought that it could be one of the two postcards from Raxie that 'didn't make it.' But hello, that was two years ago! As in 2015 pa!

I checked on my IG posts and found this:

Itong Chiang Mai post card nga na dumating ang isa sa mga missing. Nakakaloka! Raxie sent it to my Edmonton address in August 2015 pa (I was vacationing in Pinas that time).

TWO YEARS LATE. Posible palang dumating pa ang letter/card after two years! Di ko talaga ma-reconcile sa utak ko haha. Even Raxie was so shocked! I have to idea kung kaninong 'fault' ba ito, sa Thailand o Canada Post. Oh well, better late than never.


So how did this postcard still reach me now that we're living in BC?

I would have to commend my husband for subscribing to Canada Post's mail forwarding service. At first I didn't know na meron palang ganito. Pero dahil uso nga dito sa North America ang pamove-move ng tirahan/province, eto na nga.

My husband subscribed for a year and paid $104.25. It was a good decision because we didn't have to worry anymore about our incoming mails, especially those job-related ones (like T4 from previous employers, etc.).

I was very impressed with the service. Ang efficient kasi. We received our first redirected mail on October 5, 2016 (we arrived here on October 2).

Too bad our subscription is about to expire on September 28, 2017. So I have until that day to wait for the last missing postcard lol.


By the way, I finally received the Japan Postcard the other day (August 9). It only took 8-9 days to arrive.

Thank you, my BFF Raxie, for always remembering me during your travels!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Yey, tuloy na tuloy na! Ford's vacation request has already been granted last Friday so we will be going to California again this November 4 to 14. Makakapag-birthday na rin si Nathan doon.

As I have mentioned on this post, Nathan will be having a Paw Patrol party at his grandparents' house in Moreno Valley. We are very excited! Sana lang maraming relatives ni Ford ang makapunta.

You just do not know

Five years ago na pala nang una akong makapunta dito sa British Columbia. I was newly married then and I vacationed in Edmonton for six months to be with my husband. I have an aunt in Surrey, BC so nag-long drive din papunta dun/dito.

Who would have thought that we will end up living here? Sometimes you don't really know where life would take you. Having already established a life in Edmonton, I really thought I'd spend the rest of my adult years there.

Up until now, I am still having mixed feelings on living here. I miss my friends in Edmonton and I miss having a house. The housing market here in Metro Vancouver is so crazy and buying a house now is very risky. I don't think I can fully settle here without my own place.

And to add up, the aunt, who I visited in 2012 and was very close to me, the original reason why I wanted to move here in BC, suddenly became a stranger. Things have happened in our family that lead to our drifting apart.

Wala talagang permanente sa mundo. You really can't hold onto something forever.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

#CessieEats 5

1. Penoy. I found some raw penoy from Hen Long Market last Monday. Kelangan pang ilaga. Around Php45 ang isa. When I was in Pinas just a couple of months ago, na-addict din ako dito. Php11 lang ang isa, luto pa.

2. Take-Out Ulam. One Saturday lunch time, tinamad akong magluto. And because I woke up late, I asked the hubby to just buy some ulam at La Meza Grill. Sisig at Pork Bbque. Ayun dumaan pa pala siya to another Filipino restaurant to buy pinapaitan (Ilokano kasi siya).

To give you an idea of the cost of living here, ayan around Php800 na ang tatlong ulam na yan. Di pa kami satisfied kasi hindi naman kasarapan.

3. Red Delicious Apples. I don't eat apples. Hindi talaga ako kumakain ng fruits (except for some occasional bananas). Buti na lang kumakain ang anak ko. Pero ayaw niya ng ibang apples, itong red delicious apples lang (yep, red delicious apples talaga ang universal name nyan dito). Enjoy na enjoy ako kapag bumibili nito, kakatuwang pumili-pili.

4. Halloween Chocolates from Dollarama. Yey, it's back! Ang sarap nito, promise! Lasang Serg's Chocolates noong araw. Naaaddict na naman ako. I am glad Dollarama has started selling this na uli. $2 ito (plus 5% tax).

5.  Lucky Me Cup Noodles. Sometimes, you won't feel lucky even if you're eating Lucky Me. Ang konti ng laman, kainis! Kung kelan gutom na gutom ka pa talaga ha. Ang mahal pa naman nito dito.

6. Hot Pot at Home. Simula ng magtry kaming maghotpot sa bahay last Thanksgiving Day, madalas na kaming kumain nito. Kaso when I compute all the ingredients that we buy, nadidiscourage ako. Sobrang mahal inaabot. Mas mura pang mag-buffet na lang sa labas.

7.  Homemade Cakes. A new friend asked me to pick up a cake that she ordered for her son's 8th month birthday, malapit lang kasi dito sa amin. Na-impress ako sa presentation, ang ganda at mukhang masarap. Masarap nga raw, kahit asawa ko nasarapan. Di ko tinikman kasi nga ayaw ko ng mango cake.

I was able to talk to Shydee (the baker) and she asked me to like her FB page. Ang gaganda ng mga cakes nya. At super ganda ng reviews. I will be ordering a chocolate cake from her soon (either sa birthday ko o ni Ford). I am happy kasi may nadiscover akong ok na bilihan ng cake dito sa Surrey. Hindi pa mahal.

8. Hamonado ni Juris. I met with my new friends last week at nakapagtake-out ako ng hamonado. Ang sabi ng asawa ko masarap daw. Syempre sinabihan ko ang new friend ko. Ayun, dinalhan niya pa uli ako last Sunday nang magkita kami uli. I was really surprised. Ang thoughtful niya.

9.  T&T Food. We were at the Surrey Central City last week for my check-up. We ate at T&T kasi gutom na kami and we still have to wait for 45 minutes for my medicines.

Hay, hindi masarap. Mura nga kaso sayang pa rin ang pera. I won't eat there again. Namimiss ko tuloy ang T&T sa Edmonton kasi mas masarap ang pagkain dun.

Not so happy with happy meal

I am so bitter.

While they are enjoying these hello kitty happy meal toys in Pinas...

Picture taken from Instagram (@mcdo_ph)

... this is what we've got:

Honestly, what will kids do with these small plushies? May emojis na rin silang nirelease dito last year. Parehas din, iba lang ang characters.

Hay, the Philippines always gets the best toys. Always! Kung kelan wala na ako doon at may anak na akong dapat bilhan. Grrr, nakaka-bitter talaga.

For sure maiipon ko rin ang mga emojis na ito. No choice eh, mas mura ang happy meal kesa regular meal eh. Di ko rin type ang next toys ng nila, NERF daw. Di ako familiar kaya ginoogle ko. Pangit. =(

Buti na lang masayahin ang anak ko. Naka-smile pa rin kasi bored siya sa toy lol.

Nowhere to go

We are planning to go to Portland, Oregon this coming long weekend (August 5-7). Unlike in Pinas na sangkatutak ang holidays, konting-konti lang ang mga araw na walang pasok dito sa Canada kaya dapat samantalahin.

Since it's summer, for sure everyone would go camping. Mapupuno ang mga parks and camping sites. Kaya sa US na lang sana kami maglo-long drive. Portland is approximately 4 hours away lang. Balak namin mag-stay there for two nights.

Ang kaso, sobrang init naman pala. I am sure hindi namin kakayanin ang any outdoor activity kung ganyan ang temperature. Ngayon pa nga lang eh hindi na kami lumalabas sa airconditioned room kasi init na init talaga kami.

So now, we have nowhere to go. And I am sad. Kung kelan nasa pasyal-mode pa naman ako. Napag-usapan kasi naming mag-asawa a couple of days ago na gawin na ang mga dapat gawin. Puntahan na ang mga dapat puntahan, kasi baka di mo na magawa. Just like last year, when we were still living in Edmonton. Gusto naming magcrossborder to Montana pero hindi namin pinursue. Ayan, wala na tuloy chance kasi malayo na kami dun ngayon.

Now that we are here in BC, naisip naming puntahan na lahat ng malapit. Kasi who knows, baka bumalik uli kami sa Edmonton haha.

But how can we travel in this weather? Lahat ng lugar mainit. Parang sa Pinas lang, never akong umaalis kapag summer.

I really do not want to waste this precious long weekend. Bahala na nga kung saan mapunta.